Cool Tiki Torches To Light Up Your Magical Evenings

Submitted by Harold Salkin

Have you ever been to an exotic location, a beach party or a wedding and been fascinated by the many tiki torches lining paths or placed in various areas?

Well, you can now create your own exotic look at home by adding Dauer’s new tiki torches.

Dauer Tiki Torch Light

Dauer Unique Brass Tiki Torch/Path Light w/10′ lead and 60″ Stem. Serves as a Path Light with LED bulb, also as a torch with citronella reservoir and wick. Lifetime warranty (exclusive of lamp). Includes 3.3W Bi-Pin LED lamp 2800K warm color.

When it comes to landscape lighting ideas and design, outdoor tiki torches provide a simple way of adding light to your garden. They will create a warm and tropical atmosphere that invites people to relax on the patio furniture and enjoy the space in your garden.

Most people will use tiki torches for ambient lighting, placing them around the garden or patio. Depending on the space you are looking to light, the general method is to place the torches 15 feet apart.

Ambient lighting provides an area with overall illumination. Also known as general lighting, it radiates a comfortable level of brightness without glare and allows you to see and walk about safely.

Tiki torches can also be used for task lighting, illuminating paths so you can enjoy your garden any time of day.

Another way of adding light to your landscape is to use accent lighting – for highlighting a certain area. You can place tiki torches around a swimming pool, above ground backyard deck, or fountain.

Contact Harold for more information on the amazing line of Dauer LED landscape lighting products.

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