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Without annual maintenance, landscape lights can diminish in brightness up to 50% per year due to mineral build-up on the lens and foliage growth.  


Anything worth while is worth maintaining.  Whether you have a new state of the art LED landscape lighting system, an older halogen or incandescent system, Custom Lighting of American offers a service plan to keep your system shining bright now and for years to come.

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With one of Custom Lighting of America’s Complete Maintenance Programs in place, you’ll ensure that your low voltage system looks and operates as well as it did on the day of installation.  Our trained technicians inspect your system from end to end ensuring every line, fixture and lamp is operating at peak efficiency, aimed for maximum effect and impact and every lens is free from mineral buildup.  Every lamp is tested and replaced as needed.  The only effort required of our clients is to relax, enjoy and take credit for a beautifully lit landscape and home.

Halogen Landscape Lighting Maintenance Program

For landscape lighting systems utilizing halogen bulbs, we offer an annual program designed to keep your system operating like new.

Many homeowners simply replace bulbs only as they go out, which seems to make perfect sense, but maintaining a system this way has several disadvantages.

  1. At different stages of life, halogen bulbs can have very different light outputs and color temperatures.
  2. When bulbs on a common wire run fail, the voltage on the other bulbs can increase, dramatically shortening their lifespan.
  3. All this means that constantly replacing lamps as they fail can be a time-consuming process.

What is the solution?

It is called “group re-lamping” so you can avoid all of these problems and have a hassle-free lighting system.

Why do I need yearly maintenance?

Halogen landscape lighting bulbs have an average life of 3000 – 4000 hours. Most systems operate 8-10 hours per day, so yearly replacement typically works very well.

LED Landscape Lighting Preventative Maintenance Programs

Purchasing or converting to a LED landscape lighting system is a great investment. All of our LED products have a 5-year full replacement warranty and a  rated lifespan of between 25,000 – 50,000 hours (10-15 years of life at average usage). They save over 75% in energy compared to halogen lighting.

Though purchasing LED outdoor lighting eliminates the need for costly bulb changes, all landscape lighting systems need maintenance due to plant growth, voltage fluctuations, dirt and debris build-up, root growth, contractor/landscaper damage, and unavoidable failures.

All of our new LED installations and upgrades include a 5-year complete factory warranty on the LED driver and LED chips. Fixtures, and transformers, all have a lifetime warranty against defects.

In addition to the Annual Maintenance Plan service, our LED service plan includes complete coverage of all LED components – at about half the cost of a Halogen plan. For a typical 10-20 light system, the cost of an LED Plan is roughly the same as a service call fee and replacement LED component.

Our Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan includes:

  • A 1-year warranty on all Halogen light sources.
  • Trimming of plant growth or repositioning of fixtures within 2 feet.
  • Cleaning of all fixtures and lenses.
  • Timer Resets
  • Reburial of any exposed cabling due to erosion
  • Voltage Amperage and transformer testing to ensure longevity

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