Shine a New Light on Your Home with Custom Lighting of America

Discover the Magic of Residential Landscape Lighting

Ever driven past a gorgeously lit home and thought, “I wish that were mine!”? Well, your home too can radiate that very charm. Dive into the world of Palm Beach landscape lighting with Custom Lighting of America. And if you’re curious about how we can transform your residence into an illuminated masterpiece, why not reach out for a complimentary consultation?

Crafting the Perfect Lighting Experience

Our journey begins with a sit-down. As we discuss your aspirations, we’ll inspect your property to get a real feel of the outdoor & exterior lighting needs. Do you envision a patio perfect for parties? A safe pathway to your door? Or maybe just a cozy spot to stargaze? No matter your vision, our designers are here to reflect your style, taste, and most importantly, your story.

Understanding that everyone perceives their property differently, our consultations not only touch upon design but also budgets, fixture types, and the overall illuminations desired. And as we’ve learned, sometimes what might seem like the highlight isn’t always the focal point for homeowners.

The Beauty is in the Details

When crafting the perfect LED landscape lighting solutions, our toolkit consists of various fixtures to achieve that dazzling effect:

  1. Path/Area Lights: Safety meets style as these lights brighten walkways, driveways, patios, and flower beds.
  2. Down-Lights: Mounted high, these lights cascade over trees and plants, creating mesmerizing moonlight effects.
  3. Up-Lights: Shooting upwards, these shed light on tree canopies and plants, showcasing their splendor from the ground up.

Illuminate your Knowledge

Education is key. As we sketch out your dream, we’ll also walk you through our design thoughts, explaining the ‘why’ behind each choice. We believe in setting our LED landscape lighting solutions apart from the generic lights you might find at a local store. After diving into details like beam spread, light intensity, and fixture quality, you’ll truly grasp the magic we’re aiming to create.

Choosing the Perfect Fixture

Quality is paramount. With our array of durable LED fixtures ranging from brass, and copper, to powder-coated aluminum, we assure longevity and brilliance. And remember, attractive pricing on low-quality fixtures often ends up costing more in the long run due to frequent replacements and repairs.

To help make your fixture choice effortless, we bring sample low voltage LED fixtures to your home. Witness firsthand the different fixture lines and let us guide you through the nuances, ensuring you get the best for your budget.

Installation: Where Dreams Meet Reality

Our Palm Beach outdoor lighting installation services promise only the best. From using premium materials to ensuring waterproof connections perfect for Florida’s wet conditions, we’ve got it covered. And once the masterpiece is ready, the big reveal awaits! Our team will walk you through the transformation, making sure every corner shines just right. And if there’s any tweak needed, we won’t rest until it’s perfect.

Ready to Illuminate Your Residence?

The beauty of your home shouldn’t stop at sunset. Reach out to Custom Lighting of America and let’s design that perfect LED landscape lighting portrait for your abode.




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