Home Owners Associations take great pride in ensuring that their communities are well maintained and dazzle visitors with impressive, beautifully lit and landscaped entrance ways. Most gated communities also have high output and inefficient lighting systems that require lots of maintenance year after year.

Solution? A new lighting plan created by Custom Lighting of America, using long-life and extremely durable LED lighting fixtures. By retrofitting the existing fixtures or changing out the old, LED is the answer.

Here are some of the cost benefits:

  • 80% Energy Savings
  • Cleaner, brighter light
  • 50,000-hour bulb life
  • Little or no maintenance
  • Cost Savings will pay for itself within 2 to 3 years

LED Savings

It is estimated that many HOAs with new LED lighting will have no additional maintenance and replacement costs for at least 12 years, due to the 50,000-hour life span for each of the LED fixtures with recommended maintenance agreement.


You Can Achieve Enlightenment

Call Custom Lighting of America today at 561.204.3000 and schedule an appointment.  Let us show you how to make your property look amazing, dazzle your board of directors and wow your residents by providing a complimentary lighting design.

All LEDs come with a 5-year warranty, when you add an annual maintenance which includes cleaning and readjustment for landscape growth, keeping your lighting system up to date and always ready for future upgrades and redesigns at any time. 

“When our community needed to replace expensive-to-maintain and antiquated landscape lighting, we didn’t want simple replacement. We wanted a lighting scheme that accented and enhanced the beauty of our landscape design. Custom Lighting of America exceeded our expectations and delivered an eye popping WOW. Thanks, Harold.” 

Walter Davidson

Sand Cay at Ibis

“I wanted to thank you on behalf of the association of Talavera for excellent work and delivery of exterior entrance lighting, it looks absolutely amazing. As you know, I was so impressed personally that I immediately engaged your services for my private property. Everything looks excellent. ” 

Talavera Association

“Custom Outdoor Lighting turned the entry into our community into an evening ‘enchanted village’. Thank you for putting our best foot forward.” 


Estates of Silverlake, Boynton Beach

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