Our Newest LED Dauer Lamps & Light Fixtures with a Lifetime Guarantee

LED Path Light Palm Beach Landscape Lighting

As the exclusive distributor and installer of Dauer Lamps and Lighting Fixtures in Palm Beach County and surrounding areas, Custom Lighting of America is pleased to introduce its latest Dauer lamps for path and deck lighting.

Path Lighting

With its warm downlight, path lights welcome and guide visitors safely along pathways at night. They prevent tripping, falling and stubbed toes by illuminating potential hazards.

Strategically arranged, path lights guide people along a walkway from the sidewalk or driveway to your front door. Driveway lighting is essential to ensuring safety if you have a dark driveway or walkway.

You can also use path lighting to periodically highlight important features throughout a landscape and delineate the borders of any outdoor living spaces.

Deck Lighting

If you’re looking to extend your outdoor living experience past sundown, you’ll need to explore some deck lighting options.

Consider illuminating your deck to help guests navigate your nighttime parties safely. Deck lights also double as a trespasser deterrent.

Subtlety is the Key
No need to annoy your neighbors with blazing spotlights beaming fluorescence into their windows at all hours. Another reason you will love the Dauer Puck LED!

Create dramatic uplighting effects with our new Puck LED
This inconspicuous light can be placed to uplight the perimeter of a shrub, positioned to light a tree from the ground up or used to illuminate a 90° corner. The light can also be nestled in pebbles or stones for a very attractive “recessed” look.

All of our fixtures as well as our transformers come with a Lifetime Guarantee direct from the manufacturer. A leading producer of LED lighting, Dauer Manufacturing is on the cutting edge of quality and innovation … years ahead of the competition.

Contact Harold for more information on the amazing line of Dauer LED landscape lighting products.

– By Harold Salkin
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