Dauer LED Beams Up New 7-Watt MR16 Beautiful Options

Dauer LED MR16

Dauer LED has dramatically expanded its selection of 7-watt LED MR16 lamps to include beam spreads of 25°, 40°, and 60°, all in various color temperatures ranging from ultra-warm to cool.

Ten models of Dauer 7-watt LED MR16 lamps are now available for interior and exterior applications. About 60 options are available in the full line of Energy Star approved, UL-listed Dauer MR16 12-volt dimmable lamps. They range from 2 watts to 8 watts, with beam spreads from 15° to 100°and  provide the discerning consumer the best selection of high-performance bulbs in the industry. All include Dauer’s five-year warranty.

Dauer is a U.S.-based manufacturer of highly efficient and durable LED lamps, fixtures and electronics. Founded in 2002, Dauer Manufacturing has earned a reputation for innovation and quality… a reputation that is backed by a lifetime warranty for “Dauer Lampen”- branded landscape fixtures and a five-year warranty for “Dauer LED”-branded lamps.

Dauer’s LED lamps and lighting systems are prized for their elegant designs and beautiful — yet extraordinarily efficient — light output. Because Dauer’s solutions are technologically advanced and crafted to the most demanding standards, they are especially suited to environmental conditions that ordinary lighting products might not endure.

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– By Harold Salkin
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