System not working?

Lights out? Sections of the yard dark? Lawn crew damage? Corrosion setting in?  From a simple bulb replacement to a more complex problem, we can get your system up and running again.

Custom Lighting of America Van

We Won’t Keep You in the Dark

Our service technicians are bright guys and well trained.  When you call Custom Lighting of America you can count on recieving fast and courteous service that will “Light Up Your Life.”



We Test and Adjust Line Voltages

Ensuring Perfect Line Voltages:

Did you know that over time, the individual line voltage in your Palm Beach landscape lighting can fluctuate? These variations can create havoc within your lighting setup. At Custom Lighting of America, our standard repair service includes meticulous checks and recalibrations, ensuring that your entire outdoor & exterior lighting system runs smoothly, free from unexpected disruptions.

Your Fixtures Will Be Optimally Realigned

Spot-On Alignment for Every Fixture:

As your garden flourishes and your surroundings change, your LED landscape lighting solutions may need a little tweaking. Our adept technicians don’t just fix; they optimize. They’ll ensure each of your illuminations is precisely aligned to showcase your landscape’s best features, accommodating for any shifts or growth in foliage.

You’ll Be Provided Suggestions for Optimizing and Upgrading Your System When You Are Ready.

Ready for an Upgrade? We’ve Got Suggestions:

Once we’ve ensured your system is in top shape, we’re not done. Our team is always thinking ahead. As your foliage and landscape continue to evolve, so should your lighting. We’re here with recommendations on how to enhance, upgrade, and truly make the most out of your illuminations.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction!

Our Assurance of Brilliance:

With Custom Lighting of America, satisfaction isn’t just hoped for; it’s guaranteed. Post our repair services, your outdoor landscape lighting will glow as vibrantly, if not more, as it did on day one. That’s our unwavering commitment to you.

Still thinking? Let’s light up the conversation. Contact Custom Lighting of America for a complimentary consultation and let us elevate your lighting experience.



Upgrade & Update Your Older Landscape Lighting System & Illuminate the Future State-of-the-Art systems and LED Technology.

Illuminate the Future with LED Upgrades!

Isn’t it fascinating how quickly technology evolves? If you’ve got a Palm Beach landscape lighting system that’s been around for a bit, there’s an LED revolution waiting for you. Older systems simply don’t compare to the vibrant, energy-efficient marvels that LED landscape lighting solutions offer today.


Brighter and Better with New LED Bulbs:

Remember those bulbs from a year and a half ago? Today’s LED bulbs outshine them in every sense, packing a luminous punch with just a fraction of the power. A simple swap can elevate your outdoor & exterior lighting, giving your entire setup a rejuvenated, more vibrant feel. It’s like taking your illuminations on a joyride, cranking up the volume a few notches!

Update/Changeout Old Fixtures.

Stylish Fixtures for the Modern Landscape:

And it’s not just about the bulbs. The fixture landscape has changed dramatically. With a plethora of styles now at your disposal, lighting up your garden’s foliage and architectural gems becomes an art. Plus, the right fixtures do more than illuminate; they accentuate, adding a layer of aesthetic appeal that elevates the entire look of your property.


Request A Complimentary Add-On Demo.

Visualize the Possibilities with Our Live Demo:

Ever wonder how a few strategically added lights can transform your space? Let’s move from imagination to visualization. Contact Custom Lighting of America for a complimentary, real-time demonstration. Experience firsthand the ‘Wow-Factor’ that’s been waiting to grace your landscape.

Thinking of an upgrade? The future’s bright. Get in touch, and let’s embark on this illuminating journey together.

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