LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting Fixtures That Are Florida-Friendly

LED lighting palm beach

If you live near the ocean or in Florida, you would not want to buy just any type of outdoor lighting.

Custom Lighting of America has you covered! We offer fixtures that thrive in harsh environments.

The salt air from the ocean can oxidize and destroy light fixtures made from cheaper materials such as aluminum or steel. Only certain outdoor lighting fixtures like solid brass are recommended near the ocean.

Most companies use a metal called spun brass or spun copper that weigh less than 1 pound . Custom Lighting of America uses solid cast brass fixtures that weigh over 2 1/2 pounds for our smaller bullets and over 4 pounds for our larger bullets.

This makes our fixtures almost landscaper proof from impact damage and definitely dent proof. This kind of damage causes water to get inside fixtures and rust/oxidize their components . Result? Fixture failure and nullification of any manufacturer warranties

Convex Lenses Also Important

Many companies use fixtures that have flat lenses. Florida has acid rain. When water pools on a flat lense, it etches the glass and turns it white.

Our fixtures have convex lenses which reduce build-up of calcium deposits from rainwater and irrigation. The acid rain rolls off and usually does not etch the glass from acid rain accumulation with regular recommended preventive maintenance.

Added benefit: Convex lenses increase spacing between lamp and lens, allowing the lamp to run cooler and last longer.

Special Feature for Homeowners

Custom Lighting of America also offers only fixtures with removable light bulbs or lamps.

Believe it or not, there are manufactures out there that are welding fixtures shut and when you want to go change the bulb you have to change the whole fixture! When you do change that fixture, all the other fixtures have a very dull illumination output. Now you have one light fixture that’s very bright because it’s brand-new.

It must be that those companies haven’t figured out how to make their fixtures waterproof so they just weld them shut and throw those fixtures in the garbage when the bulbs burn out.

Come see our lighting designs at the next Home Show – the weekend of October 2 -4 at the Palm Beach Convention Center, and the West Palm Beach Fall Home Show on the October 23rd weekend at the South Florida Fairgrounds. See you then!

– By Harold Salkin
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