Immediate Energy Savings up to 85% With New LED Lamp

As installers of Unique Lighting Products, we are pleased to announce Unique’s latest line of LED Lamps, the FLEX™ Series and bollards. Whether you are looking to use these MR16 lamps in retro-fit projects or new installations, we encourage you to check out the features of this new LED lamp.

Now you can retrofit ANY existing installation for immediate energy savings up to 85%.

Flexibility, Sustainability, and Durability

The  new FLEX™ Series high-power LED lamps  in 6W and 8W come with SmartCool™ Technology. This means they automatically cool down if exposed to unusually high heat, and then resume normal operations after excessive heat has passed. Full lumen output will never be compromised unless the air temperature surrounding your Unique Lighting™ fixture rises above 125° F.

These new high-output MR16 lamps now come in a smaller package, making installation simple in any fixture that is designed for an MR16 lamp.

Small and powerful, this new 8W lamp boasts up to an industry-leading 580 lumens of output.

Unique’s New Line of Bollards

Durable construction and architectural styling make Unique’s new line of bollards the ideal solution for any application including walking and bike paths, residential and commercial walkways and university pathways.

Unique Lighting is a low voltage outdoor lighting manufacturer specializing in solid brass copper and alloy fixtures as well as stainless steel multi-tap transformers lighting controls and accessories.

Unique is the only manufacturer that will warranty the fixtures the wiring connections and the transformer essentially the entire system for life! This one of a kind lifetime warranty protects homeowners not only against rust and corrosion of the fixtures but also the sockets all related hardware wire connections and the solid brass construction.

If you have an outdated lighting system and are considering an upgrade to low voltage LED outdoor lighting, please contact Harold @ Custom Lighting of America to set up an appointment to assess your system.

– By Harold Salkin
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