How to Convert A High Voltage System to Low Voltage LED?

Palm Trees LED Lighting

It takes the installation of transformers that step the voltage down by 10 times, from 120 volts to 12 volts. Then we install 12 volt transformers in their place. After that the 12 volt LED outdoor lighting fixtures for your design are installed.

There is a lot of design work to be done in advance, and various essential calculations to determine how many of what fixtures can be placed on any one transformer. This part of the job is critical for the success of the project. If one of those transformers becomes overloaded, it can damage those expensive LED fixtures and cause all kinds of problems. We also have to know what kind of transformers to use with which LED fixtures since some products don’t always work well with different kinds of transformers.

Just remember that hiring professionals from Custom Lighting of America who know about outdoor lighting design, electrical loads and component compatibility will insure a successful and beautiful finished product.

Why make the conversion?

There are two voltage choices for outdoor lighting: 12v and 120v.

Low voltage, 12v landscape lighting, is the most common option for outdoor lighting. It is less expensive and safer. Low voltage landscape lighting lowers the risk of shock . All wiring must be buried at least 6 inches to abide by the national electric code low-voltage requirements. High-voltage wire has to be buried 18 inches in a trench and conduit.

Key advantage to LED technology? Long-lasting bulbs. Originally designed as an electronic component, LEDs use a tiny amount of electricity compared to traditional bulbs. They survive longer since they do not take the abuse of constant electrical surges like other bulb types.

There are far more choices of low voltage landscape lighting fixtures, bulbs, wattages and designs. More elegant designs and options are available.

Custom Lighting of America’s casted brass fixtures have a lifetime warranty and our LED lamps have a five-year warranty. High voltage lighting fixtures rarely come with more than a one-year warranty and usually cost more than two times the price of a low-voltage system.

If you have an outdated lighting system and are considering an upgrade to low voltage LED outdoor lighting, please contact Harold @ Custom Lighting of America to set up an appointment to assess your system.

– By Harold Salkin
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