LED vs Halogen Landscape Lighting – Then and Now

light emitting diode palm beach landscape lighting

Up until 2010, the majority of landscape contractors were using halogen lights, which provide a warm glow and great quality of light.

Now all that has changed!  Thanks to big investments in green technology over the past few years, consumer LED outdoor lighting has definitely arrived.

While LED bulbs of the past were a cold bluish-white, now bulbs have a very crisp light that really brings out the features of a home or landscape. You can see this clearly in the photo above of one of our completed projects at the Jupiter Country Club.

Our professional LED landscape lighting is indistinguishable from high quality halogen fixtures. If your outdoor landscape lighting system is high-voltage and using 100 watt bulbs on each of your fixtures, Custom Lighting of American can now convert your high-voltage system to a low-voltage LED system.

There is a professional LED bulb equivalent for almost every halogen outdoor bulb, making it easy to convert existing systems without undergoing a landscape lighting redesign.

Compare the electric savings from 100 watt bulbs dropping down to 7 watt bulbs with the same output. Assuming a 20-light average home, output goes from 2000 watts down to 140 watts, and instead of changing bulbs every six months, our bulbs have a five-year warranty.

“Set-It-and Forget-It Solution”

Halogen bulbs need replacing every 8-12 months, depending on how long your system runs each day. Compare that to LEDs which have a ten-year bulb life … and LEDs get very economical. Halogen lights can also run hot, which means lights must be placed carefully so plants are not brushed up against the fixture or bulb.

While landscape lighting is one of the first things to get thrown out when the budget is tight, we urge you to reconsider. In Florida, we don’t sit outside in the afternoon. Too hot, you know!  But as soon as the sun goes down, out come the barbecues and night-time parties, and you just  sitting quietly outside enjoying the landscape. Good lighting lets you actually use your landscape.

Contact Harold at Custom Lighting of America for more information on the amazing line of Dauer LED landscape lighting products.

– By Harold Salkin
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