Unique Lighting Systems, Innovators of LED Landscape Lighting

unique lighting systems

In the beginning the transition to LED low voltage lighting within the outdoor lighting industry was slow.  Unique Lighting was at the forefront of this movement, providing samples and lighting demonstrations to prove the effectiveness and benefits of LED lights.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Unique Lighting states its mission as follows:  To take low voltage landscape lighting beyond the status quo … making your “lighting portrait” last forever.

With Unique’s patented HUB system installation method, there are up to 80% fewer connections versus standard wiring methods. This means less maintenance, less lamp outages, easier troubleshooting, less wire and less money.

Landscapes continue to grow and change over time so flexibility is key.  Each Unique Lighting fixture features a 25’ wire lead that enables unmatched flexibility and expansion.

Long Term Value of LED Landscape Lighting

Nothing beautifies your home more than exterior lighting and few things will impact your home’s curb appeal more than a quality lighting design. Advancements in LED lighting have also added long term value to your property.

Realtors often say that the first impression of a well illuminated property can add up to 20% to the value of your home!

And there are more reasons to like Unique Lighting Systems.

Unique Lighting offers a lifetime warranty on many of its products. You never need to worry about corrosion or paint chipping with its solid brass product line. Other materials simply will not withstand abusive and corrosive outdoor environments which are the norm here in South Florida.


We are installers of Unique Lighting products. Contact Harold at Custom Lighting of America for all of your landscape lighting projects.

– By Harold Salkin
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