Tiki Torch Retro Glamour Lights Up Your Backyard Getaway.

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Remember the pupu platter and Trader Vic’s?

Well, if you do (and even if you don’t) … now’s the time to get retro and light up your Tiki Torch!

Our Tiki Torch Light is a modern tribute to the ancient tiki torches from Polynesia. Traditionally, tiki torches honor the spirits of fire and light. The Tiki Torch keeps to this tradition since it contains both fire (fueled by an oil reservoir) and light (from an LED bulb located under the shade).

In addition to sporting a tropical look, this fixture functions as an insect repellent – keeping away those pesky bugs. This is accomplished by filling the reservoir with citronella oil.

The Tiki Torch Light also functions as an effective area light, projecting a wide circle of uniform illumination around its base. The fixture is typically positioned near the edges of decks and docks to provide safety,security, and beauty.

Other Tiki Torch Light features are:
[genericon icon=dot] Solid cast brass construction for lifetime durability.
[genericon icon=dot] Natural bronze finish that will continue to beautify as it ages.
[genericon icon=dot] Thick woven wick for large long-lasting flame.
[genericon icon=dot] Oil reservoir

If it wasn’t in a Tiki bar in the ’50s, it’s not authentic.
Tiki culture, as we know it, was invented in Hollywood and its founding father was Donn Beach, the creator of the Tiki bar. There was also Trader Vic’s, the California Tiki chain that started in Oakland, California, and created the Mai Tai in 1944.

Tiki’s California-elegant origins owe a lot to celebrity culture and Los Angeles’ prime Pacific Rim location. Tropical cocktails are at the center of the movement and are served as a ritual, not just a drink … involving chunks of exotic fruits and real flowers as garnish, exciting swizzle sticks, and occasionally flames.

So it’s definitely time to light up your backyard paradise with tiki torches AND convert your lighting system from high voltage to low voltage, taking advantage of all the cost savings inherent in LED systems.

Add in Custom Lighting of America’s Preventative Maintenance Plan and you have the perfect backdrop for (you got it!) another … Mai Tai!

To learn all about it … call Harold at 561.204.3000 for all your LED landscape lighting needs.
– By Harold Salkin
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