The New Outdoor Livingroom

There’s nothing like being stuck at home for ten months to get us to seek new ways to enjoy our homes. Right now that’s investing in our own outdoor living spaces!

Start The New Year Right With Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Unobtrusive during the day, landscape lighting is the makeover your home and garden need to reach their nighttime splendor. Your house can show off by shining lights on impressive features like columns, upper balconies, and exterior stairs. Your garden can also have skillfully angled LED uplighting to bring bushes, trees, and flowers to life. Without proper lighting, all these features on your property fade into the darkness with the setting sun.

Adding Custom Landscape Lighting to Your Property? Here’s how to start.

Invite us over for a landscape walkthrough. Tell us how you want your landscape to feel, and we’ll design the lighting to match. Following the design process, a proposal will be presented to you. Upon approval of that proposal, we’ll contact you to let you know what day our installation technicians will be arriving to install your new lighting system! 

Our experienced crews will ensure minimal disruption of your existing landscape. Before they leave your property you will understand how your lighting system operates. All automated timers and controls will be programmed to your specifications. The next business day, we’ll follow up to make sure everything’s working perfectly.

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The Latest Trends in Landscape Lighting

1. Cloud-based landscape control systems allow property owners to control their lighting from a smart-phone or device. Program your lights from any location, which is a huge concern for transient Florida homeowners. Also, set a weekly lighting schedule.

2. LED low voltage lighting. Small and efficient LED lights are more precise and create ambiance by adjusting color temperature. 

3. Color-changing lights are fast becoming more popular and cast a full spectrum of hues. Homeowners generally do not use color-changing lights for their entire system but use them as an accent to showcase trees or structures.

Custom Lighting Palm Beach

The best kind of outdoor lighting system is the kind that brings your ideas to reality. If you have an idea for a functional and beautiful outdoor lighting system, give us the opportunity to bring it to life. We can transform your home’s landscape to be amazing both in the day and at night.

We utilize a wide variety of bulbs, fixtures, smart technology and more to create an exterior lighting system that is truly customized to your home. See what a difference custom lighting makes.

Light Up Your Nights

Don’t waste another evening wishing you could be outside. You’ve invested too much in your outdoor living space not to enjoy it day and night. Call Harold at 561-714-8847 to request your outdoor landscape lighting consultation and free demo.

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