The Many Benefits of LEDs

Changing out your halogen bulbs to LEDs has many benefits

The main one? 

You will save tremendous amounts of energy. If you have a 30 watt halogen bulb, you can replace it with a 6 or 8 watt LED bulb. That’s an 80% savings in your electric usage. Your initial investment in changing to LED bulbs gets paid back in a few years, and you continue to save for the life of your home.

Another advantage of LED lamps?

The surface temperature remains cool, allowing improved safety for ground-level lighting, and no energy loss due to heat. LED lighting can be installed in landscape areas that are easily accessed by children or pets, where typical lighting would be hazardous.

South Florida Palm Beach Landscape LED lights
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LEDs are the #1 lighting choice when it comes to energy efficiency, versatility and cost saving. They are a powerful tool for any homeowner, one that can enhance landscaping to new levels of both charm and security.

For more information and to discuss conversion or a new LED system for your home, please contact Harold at 
561-204-3000 for a free consultation, or visit our website.

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