The Importance of Regular Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Professionally installed low-voltage landscape lighting from Custom Lighting of America is a quick way to improve your property’s value and curb appeal for the holidays. Landscape, architectural and outdoor lighting serves multiple purposes including enhancing aesthetic appearances to providing an added layer of security to the property. The latest systems by Custom Lighting of America of South Florida provides instant color changes with the push of a button your smartphone. Blue Tooth connected lighting systems are available as a new installation or as an addition to your existing system. With occasional maintenance these systems will serve their purpose fully over many holiday seasons as outdoor foliage grows and our South Florida weather takes a toll over the years.

Unlike indoor lighting, which simply calls for light bulbs to be replaced when they burn out, Harold Salkin of Custom Lighting of America, recommends that outdoor and landscape lighting systems should go through periodic maintenance to ensure the lights and equipment are fully functioning. Lights on the inside of a home or building are protected from the elements, whereas outdoor lights are exposed to a variety of conditions that can make them less effective or even sometimes inoperable, especially here in Florida.

Things change over time, lights may need to be moved or adjusted to account for landscape changes. Bulbs may need to be changed for either brighter or softer ones. You may like to make some changes to what was originally done as your house and landscape changes. All of this is great to take care of at least once a year.

Outdoor lighting systems are built to last, but even the toughest systems can’t be fully protected from normal wear and tear. Outdoor lighting systems are exposed to temperature fluctuations, rain, extreme winds, dirt, pests, dust, irrigation and occasionally even snow and ice. Though these fixtures are made to withstand moisture, exposure to these elements over time starts to dirty, corrode or even break light fixtures. This results in a lower quality light output than the lights were designed to deliver. The Custom Lighting of America team wants the best operating conditions for our clients’ systems, so we provide maintenance to provide the best lighting outcomes for every environment and installation.

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Our maintenance crews use premium quality LED lights, because they are environmentally conscious and built for long-term use and sustainability. However, even LED lights require maintenance. We want your lighting systems to remain as vibrant and beautiful as when we first install them, so our full-service team will work with you to provide maintenance services that will keep your systems running optimally. Just like you would go to the doctor for a routine check-up, our expert teams will service your residential or commercial property to make sure all of your lights are functioning as intended.

We know how important it is to have trustworthy reliable and detail-oriented maintenance of your landscape lighting, so we are available to help maintain your landscape whether we installed your lighting systems or not.

Maintenance needs vary depending on factors such as fixture types, environment and location. Typically, maintenance needs include the following:

  • Cleaning lights
  • Replacement of defective fixtures and parts
  • Dimmer system checks
  • Repair of damaged parts
  • Upgrades to dated features
  • Adjustments to controllers and smart systems
  • Re-aim and re-focus fixtures
  • Rewire fixture’s cords that have grown into the tree

Maintenance can also include any other on-going lighting system checks your property would benefit from on a regular basis. Visit our maintenance plan information page [HERE], to learn more.

We are a full- service team that not only designs and installs low voltage landscape lighting systems. We support your landscape lighting needs after the sale. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation so we can discuss your lighting maintenance needs.

Service, installation and maintenance available throughout South Florida in the following areas:

Martin County, Palm Beach County, St. Lucie County, Delray Beach, Fort Pierce, Hobe Sound, Hutchinson Island, Hypoluxo, Indian Town, Jensen Beach, Jupiter, Jupiter Farms, Lake Worth, Lantana, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm City, Port St. Lucie, Royal Palm Beach, Sewall’s Point, South Palm Beach, Stuart, Tequesta, Wellington, West Palm Beach  Now Serving, Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Estero, Port Charlotte & Punta Gorda

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