The Beauty of Bollard Lights for 2018 Drama and Fun!

LED bollard lights palm beach fl

Bollards were originally used to tie up ships at dockside. Today bollards regularly grace all kinds of landscaping projects.

Bollard style lights produce dramatic shadow patterns, adding excitement and fun to your landscape lighting plans. The decorative cutouts project striking patterns onto the ground when combined with appropriate LED lamps.

A new way of thinking about landscape lighting

Bollard lights are one of the most popular options for keeping pathways well lit. They are durable fixtures that also work well on terraces and near entrances, where extra illumination is needed. Casting glare-free down light, bollards allow for guests to move through your outdoor paths without fear of falling or tripping.

Custom Lighting of America has a robust line of bollard lighting solutions in a variety of materials and shapes. Our bollards provide uniform light spread with control to minimize light pollution. Other appealing factors include durable weather and vandal-resistant casings plus an easy to install design.

All of the bollards below are powered by two watts of warm-hued, energy saving 12-volt LED technology.  LEDs produce a higher quality of light while reducing energy and maintenance.

Bollards are  available in 25-inch and 42-inch versions. They anchor securely to decks or concrete. Mounting hardware is included and a lawn-stake mounting base is available.  Our bollards come in a variety of powdered-coated colors with one or more blacked-out sides. Designs on all four sides are standard.

Want to add some excitement and distinctive lighting to your landscape?

Give Harold a call at  561.204.3000 or fill out our consultation form here. One of our lighting experts will do a free consult and evaluation on your lighting today.


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