New Tree Ring Lighting Adds Drama To Your Palm Trees

Breathtaking.  Brilliant.  Novel.  All words used to describe our new12v tree ring lighting system.

Palm trees are so beautiful during the day, but as the sun sets and without proper illumination, the trees become all trunk as nothing directs the spectators’ eyes to the canopy.

A Tree Ring is a light fixture that is designed to attach to a tree by encircling the trunk or a branch. It usually accommodates up to six lights that can be pointed in varying degrees of rotation. Tree rings are a must-have for landscape lighting designs.

Typically, tree rings are installed about three-quarters of the way up the tree. It’s not right in your face, and the lights shining up cast dramatic accents into the canopy.

Our resin Tree Rings come standard in 3 different sizes: 18 inch, 24 inch and 32 inch diameter.

Each light can be arranged in a full 360 degrees of rotation, so some can point up, some can point down, whatever combination you like, it’s all yours. Point them all out to shed some light on the area. Point them all down to light the way around the roots. Point them all up to illuminate the branches and leaves to create an artistic, dramatic canopy effect.

Our new Tree Rings for up to 6 lights are ADA Code compliant for night time swimming pool/tennis court/parking lot illumination in multiple foot candle choices for all requirements needed for any situation, including Hotel and HOA lighting.

For installation call Harold at 561.204.3000 … your Palm Beach County professional, licensed landscape lighting installer.

– By Harold Salkin
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