New Outdoor Surveillance Camera System with Your Smartphone

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Want to keep an eye on what’s happening at home when you’re not there? We have you covered!

Custom Lighting of America is proud to introduce the Dahua Technology Wi-Fi-connected cameras that let you spy from anywhere.

Outdoor Home Surveillance

Meant to deter or catch home intruders, video surveillance outdoor cameras can be very discrete or extremely obvious. Larger cameras can be advantageous because they might prevent criminals from trying to break in. Outdoor home surveillance cameras are built to withstand the elements. They are usually waterproof and might even have wipers to protect the lens. Homeowners can monitor one specific area, like the front door, or have multiple cameras to watch the whole property.

Dahua Technology is a total security solutions provider with an extensive product line, award-winning cameras and a global presence in 17 countries. The company provided all of the video surveillance technology for the 2016 Rio Olympics. The Dahua cameras were installed in strategic locations where security personnel could observe the Olympic complex.

Ready-to-Use WI-FI Camera with Smartphone Access

For more information on our new Dahua surveillance cameras, call Harold Salkin at 561.204.3000 … your Palm Beach County professional, licensed surveillance camera installer.


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