Selling Your Home? How Landscape Lighting Makes It Easier & Boosts ROI


Whether you are planning to sell your home in the near future or not, increasing its value is desirable both for you and your neighbors.

A well-planned and well-executed residential landscape design can add 20% to the value of your home!

Did you know? 
In a recent poll by, more than half of homebuyers said outdoor living space was the single most attractive quality in a home.

If you are looking for a way to sell your home quickly, with as little depreciation as possible, landscape lighting is a key component. Homes that show well are homes that get offers. And homes that get offers give the homeowner the opportunity to choose the best offer.

Potential buyers will notice your well-placed outdoor lights.

Here are 3 ways how:

  • Curb-appeal
    Adding light to any outdoor space enhances its beauty. Highlighting your lawn, the walkway, and any other aesthetics make your house more pleasing to the eye increasing its market value.
  • Safety and security
    Intruders work in the dark. A well-lit outdoors is an effective way of keeping them away. Landscape lighting gives the owner a sense of authority over the events taking place in his or her own house. This is one of the primary reasons lighting professionals and real estate agents recommend landscape lighting. Most important for your family and guests, lighting your paths and steps easily prevents falls.
  • That At Home Feeling
    Whether you are planning to sell the house or stay in it for a long time, you want to make it feel like home.
    Proper lighting, and cozy additions like a fire pit, can be just the things you need.

Exterior lighting fixtures are a relatively quick and easy way to raise your home value.  If placed properly, they can highlight your house with an air of sophistication and romance.

Your home will look newer and more appealing during the day and at night. Ambient light just might be the ticket to a sale above your home’s value.

Deck Lighting Increases Security

If you have invested in a wooden deck, you can get the most from your home improvement investment by installing outdoor lights. Deck lighting increases security and enhances the beauty of your home’s exterior. The new low-voltage outdoor lighting options are safer and more resistant to weather than ever.

Recessed Deck Lights
If you want to light up your deck without making a visual impact, recessed deck lights are both unobtrusive and functional. They sit flush on the surface of your deck, are made of strong plastics and handle foot traffic well.

Deck Post Caps
Adding light fixtures to the top of your railing posts also increases home value. They offer a decorative edge in the daytime and a subtle source of light at night.

Deck Post Lights
These lights are actually embedded in the sides of your deck posts. Lighting the bottoms of your posts is a creative way to light up your deck and increase house value. You can install lights that are recessed
into the posts or are mounted on the surface.

If you drive through your neighborhood at night, the home that will stand out the most is the one that has properly designed outdoor landscape lighting. You can’t really see the other landscaping features at night, but look how the lighting makes that house stands out on its own.

Do prospective buyers do this before purchasing? You bet they do!

Just like investing in a kitchen remodel and expecting a certain return, a total landscape remodel that includes a well designed and implemented outdoor lighting plan, is well worth the investment when it comes time to sell your home.

If you have any questions, interested in our Maintenance Plan,  or would like to discuss your outdoor lighting needs, please feel free to contact us and schedule a free consultation.

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