Mosquito Repelling Low Voltage Lighting Fixtures

Can you really repel pesky mosquitos with Low Voltage Landscape Lighting in South Florida?  According to Harold Salkin, owner of Custom Lighting of America, they have been helping clients for years win the backyard battle against these blood-sucking invaders.

The dreaded mosquito season is here with South Florida’s tropical climate and rainy season from May through October, when warm temperatures combined with frequent, heavy rains produce thriving mosquito populations.

As it turns out Florida has more species of mosquitoes than any other state. Currently, researchers at the University of Florida are tracking about 80 species in the state, 33 of which are considered “pests” to either humans or animals. About 13 of the 33 “pest” species act as disease vectors.

Interestingly, entomologists at the University of Florida say the only proven way to fight mosquitoes is with various mosquito repellents. Repellents came in sprays, wipe-ons, sticks, foams, lotions, and impregnated materials like wristbands as well as natural repellents such as Citronella Oil which can be burned in Tiki Torches.

Placing Tiki Torches around the perimeter of your outdoor entertainment areas helps repel and keep mosquitos at bay by confusing their “sense of smell” which normally leads them to their target or host.

Custom Lighting of America to the rescue.  Our Tiki Torch Light is a modern tribute to the ancient Tiki Torches from Polynesia. Traditionally, Tiki Torches honor the spirits of fire and light. The Tiki Torch keeps to this tradition since it contains both fire (fueled by an oil reservoir optionally filled with Citronella Oil) and light (from a LED bulb located under the shade).

Beautifully illuminate your outdoor area at night and repel mosquitos simultaneously.

Make a dramatic statement virtually anywhere with these low voltage lights. They feature a traditionally tropical vibe with the tiki appearance that flows wonderfully with poolside décor, or along paths leading up to business or residential porches, patios, or gathering areas. They’re torch-like appearance lends a tropical feel to the design. Use this down light fixture on its own for ambient lighting or use the torch to set the night on fire. Its removable wick assembly and threaded collar make the torch easy to remove and fill.

Looking to repel mosquitos, upgrade the look and extending the useful hours of your outdoor gathering areas, Custom Lighting of America can easily design a package for your home, estate, condominium or HOA.

If you already have an outdoor lighting system but are reluctant to use your outdoor areas because of a recent surge in the mosquito population, Custom Lighting of America can easily upgrade your current system with their beautiful dual purpose low voltage landscape illuminating Tiki Torches that also burn mosquito repelling Citronella.  Give Harold a call to today at (561) 204-3000 to see how we can illuminate your landscape with a state of the art low voltage lighting system and keep mosquitos at bay when we “Light Up Your Life”.

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