Lighting Your Pool for Safety and Beauty

For most families, the pool is the heart of the home. Now make sure that your family can enjoy it equally during the day and at night. Here are some ideas on how to make that happen!

Pool Ambient Lighting

Provides spacious illumination without detracting from your pool’s current lights. Ambient lighting is used to set the space and the mood while lighting key areas of the pool to avoid trips and falls.

Downlights from nearby trees or your home’s eaves will cast a gorgeous light from the sides of the pool. 

Pool Task Lighting

Provides a particular area with lighting without being overpowering. Examples include path lighting, accent lighting over outdoor grills or tables for food, or spotlights over sitting areas.

Pool Accent Lighting

Brings attention to different architectural or landscape elements. If you have a statue near your pool, accent lighting (such as a well-light or a spotlight) will bring attention to this singular element in your yard without detracting from the pool.

Pool Light Layering

Combines accent lighting and task lighting. It can be used to accentuate the shadows around the patio or deck of your pool, bringing focus to a path for safety. These shadows are then used to bring the whole yard, pool, and patio together.

Contact Custom Lighting of America for more information on our lighting services or to schedule a consultation. Don’t settle for mediocre when your pool or landscape has the potential to be spectacular!

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