LED Product Claims. Who’s Lying Now? A New Video.

dauer path lights

These days it can be tough for LED customers to know what they’re getting.  Products from China are flooding the market … white boxes slapped with a sticker showing whatever light output and life expectancy look good. Unfortunately, in  this industry there is absolutely no regulation regarding claims you can make about your product.

Show And Tell

In their latest video,  Dauer Manufacturing demonstrates what performance testing is all about by comparing the Dauer 15W LED PAR38 lamp to the Toshiba 20.3W LED PAR38 with a 35° beam spread.

It’s All About Footcandles

The Dauer LED PAR38 lamp actually produces higher footcandles than a 90W Halogen PAR lamp, and color rendering is also excellent.  Average rated life is 25,000-hours by Energy Star standards, and will last up to 50,000 hours in most applications. Dauer LED Lamps are UL-Listed, Energy Star Rated, and are warrantied in commercial applications for five years.

All consumers should be advised to look for: third party testing and important certifications such as UL-Listed, Energy Star Approved and the “Truth in Labeling” (Department of Energy ) verification.

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