Landscape Lighting Repair and How To Troubleshoot

Repairing your lighting system can be a headache. At the very least! In this post, we will discuss some of the issues that can lead to a failed lighting system, and why they can be difficult to troubleshoot.

Why Are My Lights Not Turning On?

This is a problem that can have many solutions. Usually, it’s best to check to see if your transformer has power before proceeding any further.

If your transformer does have power, and the lights still aren’t turning on, there may be
a short causing the transformer to shut off. There should be a toggle switch or a fuse stat inside the transformer. Check to make sure the toggle switch is in the correct position, or see if your fuse stat is blown. If your toggle switch has flipped itself to the off position, or if your fuse stat has blown, it’s because there is a short somewhere in the system.

What is a Short?

A short happens when there is an arc in the system. You’ll notice that direct burial wire used to power your lighting system has two wires. Arcing occurs when the currents passing through these two wires come into contact with one another. There are several reasons this can occur.

What commonly causes a short? Where does arcing occur?

A cut wire
A bad, wet, corroded, or otherwise damaged socket
A failed wire connection
Frayed wires
Places where the system has been exposed to moisture
Places where wires have been stretched by tree roots, or rubbed against rocks

Why are shorts difficult to troubleshoot?

There are two major reasons. Shorts can occur in strange places, and they can occur in multiple places simultaneously.

It can be frustrating to discover that the short was happening in an odd place it shouldn’t have been. It’s even more frustrating when you discover that the system is still being tripped by something else after you fix the first problem.

How do you reduce the likelihood of your system tripping?

The best way to reduce problems in your system is to make sure it’s installed correctly in the first place. Using well engineered fixtures, quality components, and bulletproof wire connections will ensure you have a system built to last.

Getting your lighting system to turn on and stay on are two different things. If you are having trouble with your lights, inspect them carefully. What kind of condition is your lighting system in?

Why should I consider an outdoor lighting repair professional?

Unless you know a bit about electrical systems or have the tools and abilities to rewire the system where necessary, it is always best to call in a professional repair technician to handle the job.

Our trained repair technicians are experts when it comes to repairing broken fixtures, replacing blown bulbs, fixing electrical timer issues, cleaning fixtures, and plenty more. These are all skills of varying difficulties that you don’t need to teach yourself.

Custom Lighting of America offers an Annual Maintenance Plan for both Halogen and LED systems, individual service calls for accidental damages, and options for servicing, rehabbing, or upgrading systems installed by other contractors.

System not working? Give Harold a call @ 561.204.3000








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