How Outdoor Security Lighting Can Be Beautiful

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Did you know that vandalism and crime around your home increase up to 30% when there is no lighting present?

There are various aspects to residential outdoor security lighting.  Of course, adequately lit paths and steps keep homeowners safer at night by preventing trips and falls.  Basically, lighting dark areas eliminates spots where intruders may hide.

There is an art to blending outdoor security lighting into the aesthetic aspect of a lighting design.  Low-voltage lighting allows the homeowner to experience a high level of security, without constantly dealing with high-powered commercial lighting that floods a property with light. Instead of dealing with annoying motion-sensored lights, your property can be transformed from a large dark area to a beautifully lit property that no criminal would ever try to trespass on.

Most residential security lighting consists of a few powerful flood lights directed towards a few areas of the property. In nearly all cases, this lighting is overly bright and provides limited coverage of vulnerable regions. The result is a property where intruders can pass freely through dark areas allowing them to be invisible to home occupants and to individuals occupying outdoor areas illuminated by the security lights. It’s quite possible that a person can exit the car in the brightly lit driveway while an intruder waits in the shadows a few feet away.

A better approach is to create a strategic lighting plan that illuminates several key areas of the property with low levels of illumination. The low levels allow the viewer to see objects in the illuminated areas and to still see details in adjacent unlit areas.

A skilled lighting designer like Harold Salkin at Custom Lighting of America will identify the key areas of security concern and provide low levels of illumination to ensure that intruders are not able to move through the property unseen.

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