Expert Tips to keep Mosquito out of your yard.

Mosquitoes are the worst. I mean, sure, they’re not as bad as bed bugs or something, but they’re still annoying and potentially dangerous. You could get Zika or West Nile Virus from a mosquito bite. So it’s important to keep them away from your property! Here are some tips on how to do that:

South Florida residents are  in the prime of Mosquito Season.  There’s little that ruins enjoying your beautiful yard more than a swarm of these biting pests.  Outdoor landscape lighting expert Harold Salkin, owner of Custom Lighting of America has some suggestions that he’s been sharing with customers throughout South Florida for years.  Not surprising, one of his top working suggestions involves, a specialty low voltage landscape lighting fixture.  Here are Harold’s tips.

First off, you’ll want to rid your yard of any standing water.

The most important step to keeping mosquitoes off of your property is to get rid of any standing water. While they can breed in small amounts of water, such as a bottle cap or splash on the ground, mosquitoes really prefer to lay their eggs in large quantities. This is where standing water comes into play:

  • Mosquito larvae need at least 2 centimeters (about 1 inch) of stagnant or slow-moving water in which to develop.
  • If you have an old tire with stagnant rainwater inside it, you have an ideal breeding environment for mosquitoes!

If you like having birdbaths or fountains in the backyard, there are some options that you can use to keep mosquitoes away.

If you like having birdbaths or fountains in the backyard, there are some options that you can use to keep mosquitoes away.

  • Use a fountain that has a fountain pump. Mosquitos avoid to the sound of moving water, so using an electric pump will create more movement and deter them from landing on your property. A solar-powered pump will provide extra protection by keeping these pests at bay without adding any unnecessary electricity usage costs to your home.
  • Use a fountain that has a pump that runs on solar power or battery power instead of electricity if possible! This will keep mosquitos away as well as save money on your energy bill!

Use Citronella oils – one of the most natural Mosquito Repellents available.

And, here is where a specialty low voltage lighting fixate can help.  One of Custom Lighting of America’s most popular fixtures is the Tiki-Torch brass fixture which uses a wick on top to create a flame and burns on (you guessed it) Citronella oil) and casts a down light to illuminate a path or foliage.  Citronella is a natural insect repellent that can be used safely and effectively to keep mosquitoes away from your property. It’s derived from the citronella plant, and it’s been used for thousands of years to protect people against insects.

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It’s important to note that citronella oil is not toxic to humans—in fact, in addition to being an effective mosquito repellent, it has many medicinal properties as well! It has been proven effective at treating headaches, allergies, pain relief and more.

You can make do without harsh chemicals.

There are many natural repellents that you can use to ward off mosquitos. These include:

  • Citronella oil
  • Neem oil
  • Peppermint oil (also known as menthol)
  • Lavender, eucalyptus and lemon oils all have additional benefits of calming the skin and helping with muscle soreness. The best part? They’re safe for kids! Rosemary is another option that can help keep mosquitoes away too — it’s also a great addition to any meal at dinner time because it enhances flavors while you eat.

Remove standing water.  Make sure any water features on your property have movement.  And, use citronella oils or essential oils to keep mosquitoes away by adding citronella burning Tiki-Torch low voltage lighting fixtures to your outdoor lighting system.  Call Custom Lighting of America in the Palm Beaches and South Florida area for more information on citronella burning low voltage Tiki-Torch lighting fixtures. (561) 204-3000

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