The Essential Path Light. Welcoming, Beautiful and Functional.

The goal of landscape lighting is only to see the effect of the light, not the light source itself. The exception?  Path lighting, which is designed to be decorative and on display.

Pathway lighting is an essential way to welcome friends and family members to your home. Path lights create elegant accents for floral and fern beds. They also enhance a sense of security and safety while blanketing areas with a gentle illumination.

Follow these easy tips for an outdoor lighting solution that is both beautiful and functional:

  • Get your height right. To achieve a nice warm glow, path fixtures should be installed about 14 inches high.
  • For the best safety lighting, place lights about one foot from one or both sides of the path.
  • Quality trumps price. Fixtures with a glass lens, sturdy construction, and weather-resistant finish are essential for long-term use. A powder-coated finish can withstand harsher elements.
  • Choose LED. The future of pathway lighting belongs to LED sources. LED bulbs burn cool and reduce power consumption by as much as 75 percent. Also, they live longer than traditional lights.



Everglades Path Light

The cast brass Everglades dual-source fixture is versatile as a path light, uplight, wall washer, or combination. It uses one MR16 and one MR8. Both sealed heads can swivel to infinite precision, even in opposing directions, so that their beams can be precisely aimed and locked both vertically and horizontally. A composite stake is included, and other mounting options are available. Five-foot factory-installed wire lead.

More Tips on Path Lighting

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