Custom Lighting of America Brings Life to Architecture with Exterior Lights

A good architect considers lighting up the exterior of new home construction while designing, as light helps to give proper illumination to highlight the beauty of any architectural design by working with outdoor lighting professionals like Custom Lighting of America in South Florida. When the sun sets, architecture will disappear into the night, without illumination. Great architects utilize the darkness to light up those key structural elements that can make inspired design stand out and be noticed . Custom Lighting of America can help designers and architects to showcase their unique design plans during the dark hours around specific geometric elements, functional elements and material textures that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Including a professional outdoor landscape and architectural lighting advisor during the planning phase is very important because these lights during the night will expose the beauty of the architecture. The proper design considerations for lighting includes colors of light, the output intensity and the direction of the light optic beam angles to get the right view of the architecture and exterior design. All these considerations when lighting up the architecture, can be greatly enhanced by including a lighting designer to your team of designers.

Increases the Exterior Appeal with Architectural Lighting by CLA

It is also necessary to select the best product designs for the light fixtures, so that during the day time these exterior lights do not obstruct the view of the elements on the building or add an unwelcome addition. Harold Salkin, owner of Custom Lighting of America suggests that you consider selecting the right kind of outdoor light fixtures with their help so that your structures original beauty is fully maintained and enhanced with the exterior lighting products used in your system. When it comes to the integration of architecture and lighting, a delicate balance of high quality exterior lights will truly reveal the beauty of the architecture for many years ahead through both the days and nights.

Any professionally landscaped public building, development or home can also be transformed into a spectacular sight during the nights when Custom Lighting of America is part of your planning and design considerations. There can be dramatic trees around the building, artful gardens and enchanting waterfalls that can also create lots of excitement to the viewers during night. This is why the pro’s at CLA always consider installing the right kind of lighting products for your landscapes and architectural building designs to create that magnificent property space throughout the South Florida From Naples to Palm Beaches.

Exterior Lighting has quickly become an important need for homeowners as well as commercial builders for several reasons below, when it comes to improving their architectural designs:

  • Exterior Lighting enhances the value of the property and increases the pride of ownership
  • Exterior Lighting increases the safety and also reduces the risk of costly accidents
  • With Exterior Lights, the security of the building is improved against possible burglary and other criminal activities
  • Exterior Lighting Designs showcase the beauty of key architectural features at night.
Palm Beach Low Voltage Landscape Lighting using Dauer Fixtures by CLA
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The design team at CLA helps Exterior Outdoor Lighting Uplift Architecture

Outdoor lighting designs are not just about lighting the walkways or doors to provide direction to visitors entering the building, but it has a significant impact on the architectural appeal of your home, community or commercial property too. By helping your architect choose the right kind of light fixtures and placing them at strategic places, you can bring out the textures and other structural design elements of the building to anyone who passes by or visits during the night time.

When the sun sets down every day, exterior outdoor lighting gives a new opportunity for you to showcase the beauty of the building in some new perspective that can’t be noticed as much during the day. As our sun light changes from season to season, architects and designers must plan to integrate exterior lighting fixtures into their designs, to ensure their structures remain a key focal point of interest for all to admire and visit well into the night.

Professional Exterior Lighting Designs Enhance Architecture

When it comes to designing the external lighting of a property and its buildings, professional lighting consultants like those at Custom Lighting of America consider and plan on lighting that redefines the architecture. Architects should collaborate with lighting experts to ensure the installers are using the correct light fixtures and highlighting the key focal points created by the design team

If the lighting and the architecture is not in proper sync, then the whole effort to add an improved lighting design may not be realized for its true potential. Always consider adding outdoor lighting professionals l who can appreciate the architecture of the buildings, have a proven track record of working with architects and will plan their designs by installing the best exterior lighting systems to create that magnificent impact adding beauty to the structure at night.

If you’re in the planning phases of a new home, building or community, consider adding Custom Lighting of America to your design team. Call Harold Salkin, President of Custom Lighting of America at (561) 204-3000.

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