6 Secrets to Managing Landscape Lighting. Ounce of Prevention.

Here comes the disclaimer. All 12V lighting systems do require some level of maintenance & upkeep!

But, if you are taking care of your lights with some simple adjustments and upkeep, they will continue to amaze and provide beauty.

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound of Cure

These tips should all be done at least once a year as a preventative measure.

#1 Inspect Fixtures

Take a look at the shape your fixtures are in. Are the fixtures straight? Are they still hitting their target correctly?

Are the fixtures still water tight? When moisture enters a fixture it can cause corrosion and damage the internal components. Water is always the enemy. If for some strange reason your fixture isn’t watertight, it will need to be addressed.

Are there hard water deposits building up on the fixture’s lens? This will need to be removed to allow the light to travel.

#2 Trim Overgrown Vegetation

Over time, you may notice that a fixture has been obscured by vegetation growing around it or over it. This is to be expected. Trimming and pruning back plant material is a great way to open up the path for light to show up.

#3 Rebury Exposed Wires

While properly buried direct burial wire doesn’t often become exposed. But growing root systems can bring small sections of wire up to the surface over time. It’s important that the wire is reburied so that it doesn’t become damaged.

#4 Address Changes in The Landscape

Landscapes never stay static. Trees, shrubs, ground cover, etc., all grow and move. As changes happen in the landscape, sometimes changes will also need to be made to the lighting system.

In some cases, the fixture will need to be relocated.

#5 Inspect the Transformer

Over time you may need to adjust your timer. After a year in use, the timer could be off by a minute or two and need adjusting. Do this to avoid having your lights not turning on or off as scheduled.

Does the outlet your transformer is plugged into have a bubble cover to protect it from rain? If so, has it been left open or is it securely covering the outlet while the transformer is plugged in? If your outlet isn’t protected and moisture gets in, the GFCI will trip to protect from electrical shock.

When the GFCI trips the outlet no longer has power. It will need to be reset in order to restore power.

#6 Be An Early Bird 

Be sure to address issues or problems as you see them occurring, not after the fact. If you see a problem, take advantage of the opportunity and get it worked on before it becomes a more serious

A 100% maintenance free lighting system isn’t possible. Eventually, the system will need attention.

Our Service Plan

We offer an Annual Maintenance Plan for both Halogen and LED systems, individual service calls for accidental damages, and options for servicing, rehabbing, or upgrading systems installed by other contractors.

Our Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan includes:

  • A 1-year warranty on all Halogen light sources.
  • LED 5-year replacement warranty.
  • Trimming of plant growth or repositioning of fixtures within 2 feet
  • Cleaning of all fixtures and lenses.
  • Timer Resets
  • Reburial of any exposed cabling due to erosion
  • Voltage Amperage and transformer testing to ensure longevity

Call us at (561)204-3000 for more information on our annual service plan, schedule a free consultation, or simply fill out our contact form on our website.

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