3 Practical Ways to Light Up Your Landscape with Spice

Nothing else enhances your garden or yard at night better than LED landscape lighting. It provides an ambient effect to trees, shrubs and flowers. Garden lighting also has a practical side. It is a great way to mark pathways or accent garden areas.

Whether you’re lighting a small side garden or a wide swath of yard, you’ll be in the dark without understanding these essential elements, showcased in this beautiful Houzz slideshow.

The Houzz community is the top app for improving and designing your home, with more than 15 million high-resolution photos of home interiors and exteriors.

There are only three things to think of when you’re considering landscape lighting. We call them the three S’s: safety, security and sexy. Safety lighting keeps you from breaking your neck (watch out for that step!), security lighting discourages thieves and the Boogie Man (by illuminating dark corners), and sexy lighting provides … sexiness. Mood. Ambience. Flavor. Spice.

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